Water & Sewer

COVID-19 Water and Sewer Program Update

Essential operations related to drinking water supply and wastewater collection/treatment will continue with no anticipated service interruptions. Customers can be assured that their drinking water is safe and can be consumed and used as normal.

Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, the following non-essential/non-emergency services will be suspended until further notice:

  • Applications for non-emergency water and sewer service
  • In-home or on-site routine inspections, repairs, and maintenance

Updated 3/17/20 3:45pm

From - Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Please only flush toilet paper down the toilet!! 

With reports of toilet paper shortages amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to reminds customers that wipes, napkins, paper towels, facial tissue, and other materials – even those that claim to be “flushable” – are not designed to break down in the wastewater treatment process.

Flushing anything but toilet paper down the toilet can cause unsanitary sewer back-ups in a home or neighborhood.
Image courtesy of Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Concord's water system was established in 1872. The system consists of 6 groundwater supply wells and 1 surface water supply, pumping stations, 2 storage reservoirs with 7.5 million gallons of capacity, and approximately 121 miles of water main serving approximately 95% of Concord residents, as well as a small population in Carlisle and Acton. Depending on the season, all available production facilities may be called upon to satisfy system demands that fluctuate from 1.5 million gallons per day in the winter to over 4 million gallons per day in the summer.

Concord's sewer system was originally established in 1900. The system includes a 1.2 million gallon-per-day centralized wastewater treatment facility, 2 sewer pumping stations, 6 sewer lift stations, and approximately 33 miles of sewer collection system. The system currently serves 1,692 customers or approximately 35% of the Town.

In 1974 and 1976, Annual Town Meeting established separate Water and Sewer funds to insure that the operation, maintenance and capital improvement of the water and sewer systems would be financially viable enterprises. As such, all expenses incurred by each system are covered entirely by user fees.

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