Emerson Park Improvement Project


Erik Shaw, Assistant Highway & Grounds Superintendent, (978) 318-3220, eshaw@concordma.gov


Kilmoyley Construction


This work began the week of May 24, 2021 and is expected to continue until completion in mid-September.


The goal of this project is to construct and install playground safety surfacing, ADA compliant walking paths, rehabilitate the irrigation well and replace the irrigation system. The Highway & Grounds Division has worked with JJA Sports on the design and initial stages of this project. Kilmoyley Construction has been awarded the bid for this project and will be completing the construction.

Emerson Field Project Scope

Emerson Park Construction Update: 8-16-21

General: The contractor installed the asphalt binder course for the ADA path and the Alley leading up to the flagpole from Everett St. They also worked to prepare some of the concrete sites for the water fountains and additional walking path panels near the swimming pool. Drainage was installed in specific areas and other grading work was performed, along with some cleanup and adjustments to the site fence.

Hunt/Pool/Playground Area – The concrete pads for the power cabinet and water fountains have been poured and associated conduits installed for power service, irrigation controls, well equipment, etc. Some additional concrete panels were poured to connect the path to the fountain near the basketball court.  The playground facility will close sometime during the week of August 23rd to allow construction to begin to replace the surface, border material and relocate the swing set.  The rubber surface requires a three-week curing period following installation and the facility will remain fenced off during this time.  The playground is expected to be closed for 5-6 weeks, with an anticipated reopening by September 30, 2021.

ADA Walking Paths – The binder course was installed last week, with grading and drainage along the path to ensure water does not settle anywhere in the pathway. The entrance to the park from Thoreau Street will be closed off due to heavy sidewalk/ADA ramp construction needed to reconfigure that area accordingly. Access to the tennis courts will be redirected to the back gates via the path between the softball field and the courts.

Water Fountains – The contractor has poured the concrete pads for all three water fountains in the park. Next, the fountain units will be installed with proper metering and backflow equipment.

Irrigation – The irrigation system installation continues to move along with about 95% of the mainline and zone laterals installed. The track area will be completed this week as well as the remaining section of mainlines alongside the walk path. Only the Control system and connection to the wells remain for this system to be operational. Additional work to correct some low trenches, sunken valve boxes and other finish work is ongoing.

Wells – The wells for the irrigation system began redevelopment this week with work to remove and inspect existing equipment. The new well will be drilled and developed in the coming weeks, along with new pumps and connections to the power service.

Going Forward – With summer camps ending this week, work will begin on the playground surface and swing set. The ADA access areas at Thoreau Street near the tennis courts and at Everett Street are scheduled to be demolished and reconstructed.  Beginning Monday, August 23rd, the primary tennis court access will be closed to begin that construction.  The courts will remain open and users will have to enter from the gates located at the back via access through the park along the softball field.  We estimate it will take 2-3 weeks to complete once it begins.  The wells will be completed and connected to the irrigation for operation. Final paving on the walking paths will follow curb installations around the flagpole area.

Emerson Field Detour Aug 19