Special Town Meeting 2023

Concord’s 2023 Special Town Meeting was called to order in the gymnasium and auditorium of the Concord Carlisle High School at 7:00 pm on Thursday, January 19, 2023 to take up five articles. A total of 1,106 voters were in attendance. The results of town meeting actions are listed at the link. Special Town Meeting dissolved at 8:38 pm on Thursday evening having concluded its legislative business. 

COVID-19 Protocol

The Moderator has announced that as a precaution against COVID-19 and seasonal viruses such as flu, the Special Town Meeting venue will include both the Auditorium and the Gymnasium. Attendees are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth in the Auditorium. Those seated in the Gymnasium have the option of wearing a mask, but are not required to do so. Entrances to the registration areas will be marked as mask-required and mask-optional.  

Special Town Meeting Video Replay - January 19, 2023

Click the link to see a replay of the Special Town Meeting on the Minuteman Media Network YouTube Channel.

Middle School Building Debt Calculator

Interested in the estimated annual impact to your tax bill for the proposed Middle School project ?  Find out more here:


Tellers and Ballot Counters

If you are interested in being either a teller or ballot counter for the Concord Special Town Meeting, or would like more information to help you decide, please respond to TMVolunteers@porchwithhouse.com

Child Care

On-site child care will be provided by Concord Recreation from 7 p.m. to the end of the meeting.  Pre-register at https://concordrec.myrec.com/info/activities/program_details.aspx?ProgramID=30869&AdminPreview=1