Town Manager


The mission of the Office of Town Manager is to support the Town Manager and the Select Board in the performance of their administrative and managerial duties as established by the laws of Massachusetts, Town bylaws, and the Concord Town Charter.


The Town Manager is the chief executive of Town government, exclusive of the public schools, which is managed by the Superintendent of Schools. The Town Manager's Office provides general administrative support to the Select Board.

The Office staff is comprised of the Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, Public Information Officer and 2 administrative staff members; the Town Manager is responsible for the management of all Town Departments, all Town funds (general fund and enterprise funds), for providing support to the volunteer committee system (including appointment of 13 committees), working with other levels of government, and managing special projects for the Select Board.

Policies, Programs, Town Meeting

The Town Manager's Office is also responsible for the continual review of policies and programs in an effort to provide improved service. The staff is responsible for the coordination of activities leading up to the Annual Town Meeting, as well as a variety of other public hearings and forums.

Frequently Asked Questions on Letters from Town Manager Stephen Crane

Q. I got a letter from the Concord Town Manager regarding a security incident involving my personal information. It looks fake. Is this real?

A. The Concord Town Manager sent out a letter dated September 15, 2021 regarding a security incident that involved retired town hard drives. If you received the letter, some piece of your personal information was on the hard drives. 


Q: What happened?

A: The Town of Concord underwent a routine replacement of a large amount of office equipment. Part of this process included disposing of hard drives which stored data related to Town businesses. These hard drives were delivered to Concord Public Works on October 17, 2019 for disposal and were discovered missing just before the scheduled disposal. The Town of Concord Police Department launched a criminal investigation immediately upon discovering the hard drives were missing.


Q: Why has it taken so long to notify me?

A: Upon discovering the missing hard drives, the Town of Concord Police Department immediately launched a criminal investigation. The Town of Concord’s IT Department recreated the hard drives and engaged outside forensic experts to complete an extensive review to determine whose information could potentially be stored on the missing hard drives. Although this investigation was a time-consuming process which only recently concluded, the Town of Concord believes it was necessary to ensure appropriate precautions and next steps will be taken. The Police Department’s criminal investigation is still ongoing. For more information on the original incident, please see the press release dated November 14, 2019 posted on the Town’s Press Release page (


Q: Has anyone experienced fraud or theft as a result of this incident?

A: At this time, the Town of Concord is not aware of any actual fraudulent or unauthorized use of personal information as a result of this incident. A police report will be available after the Concord Police Department has completed its investigation and produced a final report.


Q: What kind of information was exposed about me in this event?

A: The information stored on the missing hard drives varies by individual. The letter you received from the Town of Concord lists the information related to you that may have been stored on the missing hard drives. The Town of Concord does not have any details on your particular information – all inquiries about this should be directed to Kroll Monitoring, the Town’s contracted vendor. The contact information for Kroll is contained in the letter you received. 

Q. I have never been to Concord. I never provided my social security to the Town. I have never worked in Concord, I don’t own property in Concord, I have never voted in Concord. How did Concord get my personal information? What about my social security number?

A. The Town interacts with members of the public through its various town departments. At some point in time, you provided your name and some related information to one of the town departments. Due to the loss of the hard drives, the ability of Concord to reassemble the information on the hard drives was limited. The Town cannot verify which town department you provided your information to. The Town can verify that your name and certain related information was on the lost hard drives. The information listed for each impacted person varies based on the information exchanged with the town department. Examples of reasons why personal information would be relayed to a town department include: paying a parking ticket, disputing a parking ticket, paying property taxes, receiving ambulatory services from the Concord Fire Department, interacting with the Concord Police Department, being a witness to an accident or providing a witness report, being involved in a car accident within Town boundaries, submitting to a state CORI check in connection with a request to provide volunteer services to a town department, paying water utility bills or broadband service bills, or submitting an employment application. The Town also exchanges information with various state databases, some of which store social security numbers.


Q: What is the Town of Concord doing in response to the event?

A: The Town of Concord Police Department immediately launched a criminal investigation. The Town of Concord also engaged forensic experts to work with the Town to understand what information was stored on the missing hard drives. Once the Police Department has closed the investigation, a police report will be available upon request. 

Since the incident in 2019, we have redoubled our efforts to ensure compliance in a host of standards and best practices that will ensure proper data handling. Some of these efforts include:

  • Applying encryption on all supported devices
  • Implementing a stringent device decommissioning policy in line with DoD and NIST standards
  • Ensuring that devices containing personal or sensitive data are destroyed on site
  • Third-party reviews of processes and policies surrounding data handling
  • Employing data loss prevention rules and data classification
  • Working to keep the volume of personally-identifiable or confidential information requested or stored as low as possible
  • Forming a Risk Committee that evaluates business and cyber risk to address deficiencies or non-compliance with standards
  • Implementing a robust employee security training program to prevent phishing and other cyber incidents


Q: What Services am I being offered?

A: The Town has partnered with Kroll Monitoring. Kroll can provide two services for you: (1) they may be able to describe the information connected to your name that was on the hard drives, and (2) they can sign you up for the identity monitoring services offered to you for two years for free being offered by the Town. The Kroll services include three components: (i) single bureau credit monitoring, (ii) fraud consultation and (iii) identity theft restoration services. Kroll will need to obtain some information from you, including your social security number, in order to properly track and alert you about changes to your accounts. 


Q: How do I receive updates on this incident?

A: Please check the Town Manager’s website: You may also review a statement by the Town Manager on September 23, 2021, here:


Q. How many people were affected by this incident?

A. Thousands of impacted people received these notices. 


Q: Should I report this to law enforcement?

A. If you believe you are the victim of identity theft or fraud, you are encouraged to file a report with law enforcement.


Q: I am with the media and want more information.

A. Please contact Erin Stevens, the Town’s Public Information Officer. You can reach her at 978-318-3000 or