Rain Gardens

A rain garden is a vegetated depression that collects rainwater and allows it to infiltrate into the ground instead of running off the surface. A garden can provide habitat for bees and butterflies, and reduce the need for expensive stormwater structures. Rain gardens can also beautify your landscape.

Is a rain garden right for you?

A few things to think about when deciding if a rain garden is a good fit for your landscape 

  • Do you have a low area in your yard where you have trouble growing grass?
  • Do you have water in your basement near a downspout?
  • Are you interested in a simple, low-cost way you can make a difference?
  • Do I have the space in my yard to install a rain garden? A typical residential rain garden is 50 to 100 square feet, depending on the size of the area draining to it.

Tips for Planting a Rain Garden

  • Use native plants that require little water beyond normal rainfall
  • Strategically group plants according to their water needs
  • Be mindful of a site’s exposure to sun and wind
Rain Garden Plants

Rain Garden Resources

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