Saving Water Outdoors

Approximately 30% of residential water use in Concord is used outside the home, mainly for watering lawns.

Improve Your Irrigation IQ

We understand that many residents find automatic irrigation systems attractive and convenient. You don't need to remember to turn in on and shut it off, you don't need to drag hoses across the lawn, and it will operate when you're on vacation. Concord Public Works (CPW) wants to make sure your irrigation water is used as efficiently as possible. Consider the following:
  • Households with irrigation systems use a lot of water. In 2007, the average household with an irrigation system used 95% more water than the town wide average. In some cases, these households use 4 to 5 times more water than those without irrigation systems. Every year we receive abatement requests from residents who discover costly leaks in their irrigation systems and we receive phone calls from residents who are shocked when they receive a $700 water bill after installing an irrigation system.

The Tuna Can Plan

A simple way to calculate how much water your sprinkler is applying to your lawn is the Tuna Can Plan. Place 4 to 6 tuna or cat food cans around your lawn (or more if you have a larger property) and run the sprinkler for 15 minutes. Measure the depth of water in each can and calculate the average depth. Then, figure out how long each week to run your sprinkler to apply one inch of water. Healthy lawns typically need one inch of water a week, including rain.

Maintain your system

Just like your home heating system or car, an in-ground irrigation system needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. Mostly consisting of plastic pipes installed within the frost zone, irrigation system components can break, crack, and become misaligned. This damage is responsible poor irrigation performance, excess water use, and leaks.

Limit lawn watering to once or twice a week - Infrequent, deep watering, promotes deep roots that will allow the plant to survive on less water. Frequent lawn watering often encourages shallow roots that could make the lawn more susceptible to pests and disease.

Free Conservation Consultation Offer

CPW's Water Division is excited to once again offer complimentary Conservation Consultations to those customers that are interested in learning more about their water usage patterns and ways to reduce their water waste and save money on their water bills. These 30 plus minute consultations will address potential indoor and outdoor water savings at your home and will provide information on how to read your water meter to manage water use and check for leaks. Information about any available water saving rebates will be provided, and water-saving devices such as low-flow shower ­heads and bathroom and kitchen aerators will be available free of charge.

Conservation consultations will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and appointments will be available the third Friday of every month from April through September from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. To schedule your complimentary Conservation Consultation now, please email Water Smart.