Buying Guide

There are 930 electric vehicles in Concord! Read tips about how to join your neighbors in reducing emissions and saving money.

What is an EV? BEV? PHEV?

Electric vehicles (EVs) get their energy from electricity instead of gasoline. There are two main types.
  • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), also known as All-electric or Full-electric, have a rechargeable battery and rely on electricity as their sole source of fuel. These vehicles can travel over 250 miles on a full charge, some with an extended range option.
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) have a rechargeable battery as well as a gasoline tank, which can be used when the battery is empty.

How do I know which EV is best for me?

The process for choosing an EV is very similar to choosing any car. The only difference is if this is your first EV, you will want to spend some time deciding how, where, and when to charge your vehicle. CMLP and the town are here to help!

Research your options

Green Energy Consumers Alliance has a quick car comparison table that can help you compare makes and models. 

WattPlan EV Advisor will help you create a customized 2-minute estimate of cost and carbon savings based on the plug-in vehicle that best fits your lifestyle.

Test drive

Green Energy Consumers Alliance will coordinate test drives with local dealers. If you visit a local dealer, be sure to make an appointment or ask to speak with the EV specialist to be sure you get the best information and all of your questions answered.

Extended Test Drive!

EV interested Concord residents can now sign up to take a free 2-day extended test drive of a plug-in electric car from a New England EV champion auto dealer. Unlike the traditional short test drive at an auto dealership, an extended test drive of an EV gives you the first-hand experience of what’s it’s like to use and “fuel” an EV from your home. Contact Concord's Electric Vehicle Support Service to learn more.


Prepare to charge

Most EV owners charge at home overnight. This is the best time to charge because the demand for electricity is lowest, so you'll reduce emissions and save yourself and the town money. Learn more about how to save money and charge smart in Concord from CMLP.

Get your questions answered

Find answers to common questions in Concord's EV FAQs or by contacting Concord's Electric Vehicle Support.

Talk to your friends and neighbors

Do you have a neighbor who drives an EV? Ask them about their decision to drive electric and go for a ride. Need help finding an EV owner in Concord who can share their experience and answer your questions? Contact us!

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