Drive electric

Concord has committed to a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80% by the year 2050. Switching to electric vehicles is key to meeting this goal as 40% of Concord’s emissions come from transportation.

Why drive electric?

Transportation makes up a significant portion of Concord's greenhouse gas emissions, which dirty our air and contribute to climate change. Electric vehicles reduce emissions, save you money and are fun to drive.
  • Reduce emissions - By driving electric in Concord today, you reduce your carbon emissions by 70%. When Concord has 100% carbon-free electricity in a few years, driving electric will be 100% emissions-free. Read more about the environmental impact here.
  • Save money - With an equivalent fuel economy of 100+ mpg, you'll save 50-70% on fuel costs depending on where and when you charge. Massachusetts residents are eligible for up to $10,000 in rebates and tax incentives on the purchase of a new EV. Save even more when you sign up for Concord's EV Miles monthly rebate program. Learn more about cost savings here. 
  • Enjoy the ride - With dozens of electric vehicle models on the market, there are options for everyone. All models can charge fully overnight and travel a distance of 100-250 miles per charge. With charging stations across the country, there's nowhere you can't go in your EV. Learn more and compare models here.

How to make the switch to EVs

Making the switch to an electric vehicle may feel like a big change, but we're here to help with three easy steps. 
  1. Compare options and test drive - There are many options for battery and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Green Energy Consumers Alliance provides model and cost comparison of electric vehicle models available in Massachusetts and can schedule test drives for you with dealers in the area. Read more about types of electric vehicles and tips for choosing the right model for you here.
  2. Take advantage of discounts and rebates - Green Energy Consumers Alliance also provides discounts for Massachusetts residents. Electric vehicle owners can also save up to $10,000 through federal tax incentives and the Massachusetts MOR-EV program. 
  3. Charge smart and save - When and how you charge your vehicle can make a big impact on the emissions, local electricity demand, and the price you pay for electricity. Learn more about how to charge smart in Concord here.
EV save money
EV reduce emissions
Still have questions? Check out Electric Vehicle FAQs or contact us.