The Town of Concord has a long history of sustainability. We have ambitious climate and sustainability goals, including a 2050 goal of reducing community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80% in alignment with the Paris Climate Accord and the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act.

Working with town departments, committees, residents, partners and businesses, Concord’s Sustainability Division is responsible for developing and implementing programs, policies and initiatives to achieve the Town’s climate and sustainability goals. 

Sustainability is a team effort. Let's work together to create a sustainable Concord.

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Sustainable Concord is a roadmap to meet the commitments the Concord community made at 2017 and 2018 Annual Town Meetings to reduce GHG emissions 80% by 2050 and to prioritize climate resilience goals and initiatives. 

Watch the 2-minute video below to learn more about the Sustainable Concord climate action and resilience plan. 

Explore the priority actions on the Sustainable Concord Dashboard.

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With climate change, Concord is projected to experience more rain, flooding, droughts, extreme heat, high winds — all of which impact public health. Resilience in Concord is preserving our valued resources today and preparing for the impacts of tomorrow.

10 things you can do TODAY to help create a more sustainable and resilient Concord

1. Get a FREE home energy assessment

Buildings are the largest source of carbon emissions in Concord. A free home energy assessment will provide recommendations for how you can cut energy use, reduce emissions, and save money at home. You may be eligible for no-cost or discounted energy efficiency improvements including light bulbs, insulation, air sealing, thermostats and heating equipment. If you heat with natural gas, visit or call 1-855-891-9899. If you use electric, oil, or propane heat, visit or call 1-888-772-4242.

2. Electrify your home heating and cooling

Transitioning away from using fossil fuels like natural gas and oil to heat and cool our homes will be critical to meeting our sustainability goals. You may not be ready for a new home or water heating system today, but you can commit today that when you DO need an upgrade, you’ll consider ground-source or air-source heat pumps. Heat pumps are a clean alternative can reduce your energy cost and improve the comfort of your home. Find out more about heat pumps and rebates available from Concord Municipal Light Plant.

3. Drive less

Transportation makes up almost 40% of our carbon emissions. Reduce your miles driven by walking, biking, and taking public transportation more frequently.

4. Drive electric

Switching to an electric vehicle reduces your emissions by 70% today and 100% when we reach 100% carbon-free electricity. Learn more about driving electric including rebates, charging, and available options.

5. Reduce waste

Emissions from waste are a small percentage of our carbon footprint, but have increased about 15% since 2008. Learn more about what, where, and how to recycle and reduce your waste in Concord.

6. Compost

Composting your food and organic waste is another way to reduce waste. You can do this in your backyard or opt into a curbside collection program. You can also take advantage of Concord’s compost site for yard waste.

7. Conserve water indoors and outdoors

Water is critical to reducing our emissions and to being prepared for the future of climate change. Changing precipitation patterns and temperatures could impact the quantity and quality of our water supply. Learn more about water saving rebates through Concord’s Water and Sewer division.

8. Practice sustainable landscaping

Concord’s water demand doubles during the summer months because of outdoor water use. Consider using native plants and lawn alternatives. Learn more about saving water outdoors and irrigation systems in Concord. For step-by-step guidance on sustainable landscaping at home, check out Concord's Sustainable Landscaping Handbook! Protecting and enhancing our tree canopy is important to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Learn more about Concord's setback tree planting program and explore Concord's TreeKeeper inventory of public shade trees.

9. Talk to your family and friends

You can help spread the word. Talk to your family, friends, neighbors, professional networks, and community groups about why sustainability is important to you and what you’ve done at home and in your community. Check out our 5 Tips for Communicating Climate Change.

10. Get involved

Get involved in local, regional or national groups working on climate policy to amplify your impact.

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