June Meeting

Special Town Meeting - June 13, 2007

Note: The June 2007 Special Town Meeting minutes printed below are excerpted from the official minutes of this Meeting. For the complete text of all votes taken at this Meeting, contact the Town Clerk's Office.

Pursuant to the Warrant signed by the Selectmen on May 25, 2007, Town Moderator Edward N Perry called the Special Town Meeting to order at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at the Concord-Carlisle High School. The Moderator declared that the meeting was properly called and that a sufficient number of voters were present to permit the meeting to be opened.

On a motion made by Margaret Briggs and duly seconded, the following was Voted: That this meeting be held in the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School Auditorium, the Cafeteria, and if necessary, the Gymnasium, and that the halls be connected by means of a public address system and loudspeakers so that the proceedings in the halls in use can be heard and participated in by all voters present in any hall, and if necessary the H-Building where the voters will be able to hear the proceedings.

Mr. Perry announced that he had appointed Carolyn C. Flood, George M. Dallas and Elizabeth Holmes to be Assistant Moderators, and John H. Clymer to be the Deputy Moderator. Mr. Perry expressed gratitude to the High School Principal Art Dulong, the Regional School Committee, and the high school staff for accommodating us. Mention was made of the availability of "green cards" for citizens to volunteer to serve on a Town committee or board. Mr. Perry reminded attendees of the importance of being familiar with the Town Meeting procedures materials.
Mr. Perry announced the appointment of Roberto J. Tenenbaum to a vacancy on the Finance Committee created by the resignation of Elisabeth Elden. Appreciation was expressed to Ms. Elden, and to the more than 250 members of all Town boards and committees who conscientiously fulfill their important roles of service to the community.

Dr. Susan H. Curtin was introduced as the Town Meeting Procedure Resource Person. Fire Chief Ken Willette reviewed the evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency. Mr. Perry noted the appointment of George Sprott as Head Teller, assisted by Todd Crocker and Abraham Fisher. In the event a vote is taken using a secret ballot, the ballot counting will be under the supervision of David Allen, Ballot Supervisor, with assistance from Mark Myles.

Voters were reminded to keep their Voting Slips handy. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts brought forward the flags and the assembly stood for a moment of silence. Mr. Perry reminded all to reflect on how, through this Town Meeting, we and our neighbors provide for our common good. He reminded us that the passions of the moment are not always the best guide for our conduct in the future, and that if sacrifice by a few is required, the sacrifice should be only where the common goal is worthy of the sacrifice. He asked all to approach each issue with an open heart and mind, and to maintain a saving sense of humor.

Mr. Perry thanked the many employees and volunteers who worked hard preparing for this Town Meeting. He offered special thanks to Town Meeting Coordinator Laurel Landry.

On a motion made by Margaret Briggs and duly seconded, the following was Voted: That the reading of the Warrant and the Return of Service thereon be omitted.

Mr. Perry addressed three procedural points that had been raised and debated since the Annual Town Meeting-(1) Was the Motion to Reconsider under Article 30 (Playing Fields Funding) made on a timely basis? (2) Was there a second to the Motion for Reconsideration? (3) Was there new information that formed the basis for the Motion for Reconsideration? Mr. Perry's answer to all three questions is Yes.
Mr. Perry reviewed the anticipated schedule for the evening, and reminded those present to listen respectively to all the speakers, with no clapping, laughing or jeering allowed.

Article 1. Secret Ballot Voting Procedure (By Petition)

The motion made by Mark O'Lalor and duly seconded to require a threshold of 100 voters for a secret ballot to be taken on any vote Failed to pass. Therefore, a majority vote will be required in order to vote by secret ballot at this Town Meeting.

Article 2. Meeting Procedure

On a motion made by Tom Anzer and duly seconded, the following was overwhelmingly Voted: To adopt a "Rule of the Meeting" governing requirements on motions and amendments to motions made under articles concerning expenditures, in order to assure compliance with the requirements of Proposition 2½.

Article 3. Rescission of Vote on Article 30 (By Petition)

The following Motion was made by Ken Hecht and duly seconded: That the Town vote to rescind the vote taken on Article 30 at the 2007 Annual Town Meeting following reconsideration of the original vote on that Article.

Following a presentation by Mr. Hecht, and a presentation by Playing Fields proponents Jeff Adams and Johanna Hunter, Mr. Perry reminded those present that they would not be allowed multiple opportunities to speak by moving from one room to another. The Select Board, the Finance Committee, and the Regional School Committee all recommended no action on Article 3. After a number of additional speakers, Robert Atkins made a Motion to call the question. Mr. Perry expressed appreciation for the sentiment, but felt that it was too soon and considered it out of order at this time. Discussion continued, and voters were reminded that they must be seated prior to the vote being taken.
After additional discussion and a clarification of the effect of a "Yes" vs "No" vote, at 9:58 p.m. Mr. Perry suggested that the assembly was ready for a vote on Article 3. He called for a standing counted vote. The results were announced by the Moderator at 10:25 p.m., and the Motion failed to pass with 433 voting in favor and 1,300 opposed.

Ken Hecht, the petitioner for Articles 4 (CCHS Playing Fields Cost Sharing) and 5 (Playing Fields Funding), indicated that he would not be moving those Articles, in light of the results of Article 3.

There was No Motion made under Article 6 (Usage Permit Changes in Retail Areas).

At 10:26 p.m., there being no further business to conduct, there was a Motion to Adjourn and Dissolve the Special Town Meeting, which was duly seconded and Voted.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita S. Tekle
Town Clerk

Attendance: 1,819 voters in attendance