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Land Use, Conservation & Building Divisions

  1. Complaint Form
  2. Conservation Land Visitor Use Survey

    The Natural Resources Commission is interested in learning how you use and experience conservation lands. In order to receive the most... More…

  3. Junction Park Planter Survey
  4. Main & Walden, Shared Streets and Spaces Grant Comment Form
  5. Nuclear Metals/Starmet Property Re-use Planning Questionnaire

    We Invite Public Input on Several Key Questions After numerous deliberations and in consideration of Town input and evaluation of... More…

  1. Conservation Land Use Permit

    The Division of Natural Resources endeavors to preserve open space for the enjoyment of the community and to protect water, land,... More…

  2. Expanding Building Department Hours

    If the Building Department expanded office hours to open 1 hour earlier at 7:00 a.m. and extended evening hours one night a week until... More…

  3. Library Site Walk
  4. MBTA Communities Public Info Forum Event Survey
  5. Report a Bloom