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Conservation Land Visitor Use Survey

  1. With new regulations in place on a few Town conservation lands, the Natural Resources Commission is interested in learning how you use and experience conservation lands. In order to receive the most useful information, we would like to receive one survey per person per property. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback!
  2. Which conservation land are you visiting today?
  3. Are you a Concord resident?
  4. In an average year, approximately how frequently do you visit this property?
    (Choose one)
  5. When do you usually visit this property?
    (Choose all that apply)
  6. Please indicate which of the following activities you participated in today.
    (Choose all that apply.)
  7. Please answer each of the following questions as it relates to the property you’re visiting today
    (Choose one for each response)
  8. Dogs are leashed where so posted
  9. Dogs are under effective control, and leashed when approaching other visitors
  10. Visitors are considerate
  11. Regulations are adequately publicized
  12. Regulations are adequately enforced
  13. Summer Rangers provide helpful and courteous guidance
  14. Dog waste is not observed on the trail or at the trailhead
  15. Trails are well-marked
  16. Adequate parking is provided
  17. Which of the following best describes your group?
  18. Did you bring a dog with you today?
  19. Thank you for providing your feedback to the Natural Resources Commission!
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