Sustainability Initiatives

The Engineering Division evaluates the suitability of Low Impact Development (LID) techniques within project designs to provide treatment, infiltration and rate control of stormwater runoff. The following locations are just a few examples of how the Division has incorporated LID techniques into recent in-house design efforts:
  • Junction Park

    The Division identified the possibility of incorporating multiple low impact development techniques and infiltration measures into the park rehabilitation project's design. The use of the Low-Impact Design (LID) techniques allowed previously approved OAR/Intel infiltration grant funding previously obtained by the Engineering Division in 2008 to be redirected to the project. The project's design replaces the brick hardscape with porous pavers to promote infiltration of stormwater on-site and also installs a bio retention area retrofit to treat and infiltrate the adjacent parking lot drainage.
Junction Park
  • Lowell Road Sidewalk

    Within the development of the Lowell Road sidewalk extension project the division included the installation of over 8 offline dry well structures designed to promote infiltration of stormwater runoff within the roadway area. Deep sump catch basins within the project area were also added to the project plan to upgrade the existing drainage system's treatment capabilities and to provide stormwater treatment at 4 direct wetland discharges that previously had no treatment. The drainage system within the project area is now providing an increase in stormwater infiltration as well as stormwater treatment when compared to the per-construction condition.
  • Pond Street

    The division is beginning planning process for the 2012 Roads Program and is evaluating the feasibility of installing an LID retro stormwater treatment system into the project's design at Pond Street.
  • Virginia Road

    The division began evaluation of solutions to correct a significant puddling problem within a resident's driveway on Virginia Road. The division is currently designing an option which would install a bio retention area and rain garden within the ROW to redirect, treat and infiltrate stormwater at this location and eliminate the puddling area.
  • Walden Street

    At the Porous Pavement Parking Facility, the division designed a porous pavement handicapped accessible parking facility for the Town Forest within 2010. The parking facility's scope was developed to pilot the use of the porous pavement within Town. The division plans to continue to monitor the pavement's condition as it wears over the next few years.