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Warner pond


Warner’s Pond, a wildlife habitat and community resource for generations, is in a state of eutrophication, which has resulted in a number of undesirable conditions including decreased water depths, widespread growths of aquatic invasive plants, and impaired recreational opportunities. For several years, the Town pursued a limited dredging project (6 acres of the 54-acre pond) to improve the ecological health and recreational opportunities at the pond. In August 2022, with permits in hand, the project was put out to bid. One bid was received, coming in more than three times higher than the funds allocated for the project. The Division then had an Alternatives Analysis Report developed to evaluate modified dredging, dam removal, and no action. This report recommended dam removal as the Preferred Alternative, which is a change in strategy from dredging. Based on community feedback, the Natural Resources Commission has established this Task Force to review alternatives, explore any other feasible options, and recommend a course of action forward. The task force is made up of 11 voting members and five ex officio representatives, and will be led by facilitators Toby Berkman and Rachel Freed from the Consensus Building Institute.

Task Force Charge

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Name Representation
Vickie Alani Upstream abutter
Paul Boehm Recreation Commission
Malcolm Bryant At-large
Jeff Collins OARS
Christine Denaro Downstream abutter
Keith Hannon Friends of Warner's Pond
Mark Howell Select Board
Bill Kemeza Natural Resources Commission
Elizabeth Morrison-Howe At-large
David Owen Concord Scout House
Sven Weber Public Works Commission
Ann Clifford Senior Planner (Historic)
Bruce Curliss Hassanamisco Band of Nipmuc
Delia Kaye Natural Resources Director
Sal Ybarra Concord Public Works Stormwater Engineer
Jeffrey Quick Department of Corrections

All Member terms will expire December 31, 2024


Agendas & Minutes

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To view past Warner’s Pond Task Force Meetings, please visit the playlist of recorded meetings here.

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