Wetland Permitting

Wetland Permits

Preserving Concord's wetlands, floodplains, and riverfronts is crucial to our unique natural environment, which, in turn, protects public interests such as flood control, stormwater damage protection, protection of drinking water supplies, and fisheries and wildlife habitats. View the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and regulations and understand that no person may "remove, fill, dredge, or alter" and of the land surface, water, or vegetation in wetland resource areas without obtaining a permit from the local Conservation Commission, which in Concord, is the Natural Resources Commission. Concord also administers local Wetlands Bylaws and implements Wetlands Bylaw Regulations.

Any work within the wetlands, the 100-year floodplain, 200 feet of a perennial stream, or the 100-foot buffer zone to wetlands requires review and approval from the Natural Resources Commission. View the Certified Vernal Pools in Concord map showing approximate locations of wetlands, rivers, streams, and certified vernal pools in Concord.

If you are planning any landscaping, clearing, filling, excavation, demolition, or construction within a wetland or floodplain, within the 100 foot buffer zone, or within 200 feet of the Assabet, Concord, or Sudbury Rivers, or other perennial stream - whether or not the wetland resource area is on your property. Please contact the Division of Natural Resources before you begin your project to determine if you will need a permit. View the Wetlands Brochure for a homeowners guide to working near wetlands and streams.

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