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General Government

  1. Automatic Amusement Device Application

    The applicant hereby applies for an Automatic Amusement Devise in accordance with the provision of the State relating hereto and... More…

  2. Community Created Content

    Submission form for Concord Carlisle residents to submit original videos to played on air on Minuteman Media Network's PEG access... More…

  3. Electronic Volunteer Card

    The Town of Concord depends upon the immense talents of its citizens to help govern. We are always seeking interested townspeople to... More…

  4. Invasive Buckthorn Pull
  5. Library Construction Comment Form
  6. MMN/PEG Comment Form
  7. Video submission
  1. Comcast Comment Form
  2. Concord Sustainability Questionnaire

    Please take our questionnaire to tell us what you think about sustainability in Concord!

  3. EV Miles Program Notification Request

    Please notify me as soon as enrollment begins for the EV Miles Program.

  4. Invasive Buckthorn Pull - October 2nd RSVP
  5. Minuteman Media Network Request

    Please fill out this Programming Request form if you have something you would like to see filmed by MMN, would like to film with MMN,... More…

  6. Town of Concord Filming