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Applicable Building Stock

CMLP’s heat pump rebates are available for heat pumps installed in existing buildings, and/or newly constructed additions to existing buildings. They are not available for heat pumps installed before the date a Permanent Certificate of Occupancy was issued for a newly constructed home or before the date a building inspection approval was issued for a newly constructed outbuilding.

Equipment must be used to supplement or replace oil, propane, electric baseboard (resistance) or pre-existing heat pumps as the primary heating system. Households whose primary heating fuel is natural gas are not eligible for CMLP’s heat pump rebates, but may apply for similar rebates through Mass Save

Home Energy Assessment Requirement

If a home was built before 2008, a no-cost home energy assessment within the last three years or scheduled within six months after project completion is required. Outbuildings listed in the “Outbuildings” section of the property record in the Town of Concord’s online assessment database are exempt from the home energy assessment requirement. 

Completed Home Energy Assessment: If you believe you had an assessment in the last three years through CMLP, but do not know the date, contact Energy New England, CMLP’s assessment provider, at 1-888-772-4242 or for assistance.

Scheduling a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment: Visit our Home Energy Assessments webpage for instructions on scheduling an assessment.

CMLP strongly recommends that priority weatherization recommendations from the home energy assessment be implemented before, or in coordination with, the installation of the heat pump. A tight, well-insulated home optimizes heat pump performance, and may allow for a smaller heat pump to be installed, saving you money upfront and on your monthly utility bills. CMLP’s weatherization rebates help you increase your home’s efficiency and prepare for a new heating system.

Optional Project Pre-Approval 

Homeowners and contractors who wish to verify rebate eligibility prior to system installation may opt into submitting an optional rebate pre-approval form. CMLP strongly suggests taking advantage of this opportunity to verify a project's rebate eligibility, preferably before a contract is signed, and especially if the customer is expecting a whole home heat pump rebate. Contractors can submit the optional pre-approval form online with details on the proposed equipment at the links below for air-source or for ground-source heat pump projects. Abode Energy Management will review the project to verify whether it qualifies for CMLP's rebates, and whether a whole home or a partial home heat pump rebate applies. Both the customer and contractor will receive an email confirmation once pre-approved. If equipment changes from pre-approval to installation, Abode and CMLP cannot guarantee rebate eligibility. The optional pre-approval does not exempt the project from the required post-installation quality assurance review described in the following paragraph.

Quality Assurance Review Requirement

Once installation is complete, contractors must submit an online post-installation quality assurance form to Abode Energy Management at the links below for air-source or for ground-source heat pump projects.  The form requires photos of all exterior and interior units, outlines installation best practices and requests that the installer confirm that best practices were followed. Abode Energy Management will review the completed form, follow up with the contractor regarding any deficiencies, conduct an on-site inspection if necessary, and notify CMLP when the quality assurance process is complete. The contractor and customer will also receive an email confirmation once the installed heat pump project is reviewed and approved.

Town Building Department Permit and Inspection Requirements

The project electrician must apply for a Town electrical permit before work begins and schedule an electrical inspection after the work is done. CMLP will not award rebates until projects have passed an electrical inspection by Concord's Building Department. 

If the project requires sheet metal ducting work that goes beyond minor repairs, a sheet metal permit must be obtained for the project. Examples of projects that require a sheet metal permit include installation of new ducting or replacement, significant repairs or changes to existing ducting. The Town of Concord's inspector must have inspected and approved the sheet metal work. 

CMLP will verify that the project has passed the necessary inspections. Find out more details about permits and inspections in the Quality Assurance section on this page. The Building Department's contact information and hours are here

Do-It-Yourself Heat Pump Installations

Do-it-yourself (DIY) heat pump installations are eligible for rebates under the following conditions:

-- A licensed electrician obtains an electrical permit and does the wiring. The installation must pass a Concord Building Department electrical inspection.

-- If the project involves sheet metal work beyond minor repairs, a tradesperson qualified to obtain a sheet metal permit must do so. The sheet metal work must pass a Concord Building Department inspection.

-- When applicable, refrigerant lines must be charged, sealed, and tested by a licensed professional to adhere to EPA regulations (some self-install systems are pre-charged and pre-sealed). If an existing HVAC system is being decommissioned, existing refrigerant must be properly recaptured.

-- The rebate cannot exceed the cost of the project, which is documented by invoices and/or receipts. Therefore DIY labor does not count towards the cost of the project.

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