Home Weatherization Rebates

After an energy assessment, weatherization (insulating & air-sealing your home) is the best first step to improving the comfort of your home and reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint.   

If you heat with natural gas, contact the state at www.MassSave.com or (800) 232-0672 about their rebate programs.

If you heat with electricity, CMLP will rebate 50% of eligible weatherization costs, capped at $1,000 / year / household.  Download the 1 page rebate application form here.  If you would like the rebate to be sent directly to your contractor, meaning lower out-of-pocket costs for you, an additional form is required: Customer Acknowledgement of Satisfaction form

In past years, the Town has provided the same program for homes heated exclusively with oil or propane.  These funds are no longer available.  

CMLP does not have a list of pre-screened weatherization contractors, but you can find some (we recommend getting 3 quotes for any significant work you have done on your house) through the following avenues:

Questions? Please contact Pamela Cady, Energy Specialist at (978) 318-3149 or pcady@concordma.gov.