What questions should I ask potential GSHP installers?

Consider asking the following questions:


Will you determine my building’s heating and cooling design loads using ACCA Manual J for residential or Manual N for commercial, and size the equipment accordingly?

Qualifications and Experience

Can you provide documentation that you hold one of the following credentials?

  • International Ground-Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) Accreditation;
  • Certification as a GeoExchange Designer (CGD) from IGSHPA; or
  • Professional Engineer (“PE”) License from the National Society of Professional Engineers

Can you provide references from previous customers with similar systems in my area?


Are you familiar with the application process for CMLP’s ground-source heat pump rebate and are you willing to complete the process for me?

Installation Process

  • When would you be able to perform the installation and how long will it take to complete?
  • Will you hire subcontractors to complete portions of the project? If so, what firms and what will they do?
  • How much advance notice will we receive before contractors arrive to do work?
  • Will you provide training for me on how to properly operate and maintain the system?
  • What warranty do you provide for the systems you install?

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16. What questions should I ask potential GSHP installers?
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