Ground-Source Heat Pumps for Homeowners & Small Businesses

Receive a rebate when you install a ground-source heat pump (GSHP) at your home or small business.  

If the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Utilities approves Mass Save's 2022 - 2024 energy efficiency plan, Mass Save will offer rebates to Concord households and businesses that currently heat with natural gas if they switch to heat pumps. Mass Save will provide rebates of $15,000 for ground-source heat pumps used as a home’s sole source of heating. Generous rebates for businesses will also be available. A decision by the DPU is expected by the end of January 2022 and rebates would cover systems installed any time after January 1, 2022. CMLP will soon be offering rebates similar to the Mass Save rebates to Concord households and businesses that switch from oil, propane, electric resistance or ETS heating to heat pumps. Check back for updates on the Mass Save and CMLP rebates.

CMLP rebates of up to $7,500 are currently available to Concord households and businesses that install ground-source heat pumps. Before you purchase, learn more about GSHPs, and click on "Apply Now" to review the rebate eligibility criteria and other program information. 

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Watch a 3-minute video of Concord residents Bouzha Cookman and Bill Lehr talk about the GSHP (aka geothermal heat pump) in their home.