DEI Community Survey

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The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission of the Town of Concord was established by the Select Board in 2021 with the charge to increase cooperation, understanding, and dialog among residents of diverse cultural, religious, socio-economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and to promote inclusion throughout the town. 

The committee is seeking the input of people who reside, study, or work in Concord, on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion to understand their perspectives and experiences on these issues.  On behalf of the Commission and the Town of Concord, please provide your perspective by completing the Town of Concord DEI Community Survey 

The survey was made in collaboration with The Boston Center for Equality. It is intended to gather data for the Town of Concord to inform our diversity and inclusion initiatives. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please answer the following questions with as accurate information as you feel comfortable giving. This survey is anonymous but the overall results of the survey will be published on the DEI section of the Town of Concord's website, without transgressing the privacy of the survey. 

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