Economic Vitality Committee

The long-range plan- Envision Concord Bridge to 2030 lists as Big Idea 1, “Strengthen the sustainability of local business districts and the cultural, historic and civic assets in Concord by connecting  businesses to cultural, historic, and civic resources, and developing coordinated strategies that serve cross-sector goals.”   As a step in this process, the Select Board suggests the formation of a committee to study economic vitality of the four retail districts and their connections to the historical and cultural resources that bring tourists to Concord and are enjoyed by the citizens of the Town. By Economic Vitality, the Select Board means to incorporate tourism, the vitality of the town’s retail districts and more traditional economic development. However, this committee will be asked to focus on retail sustainability and tourism.

Economic Vitality Committee Members

  • John Boynton
  • Remon Karian
  • Mark Martines
  • Jennifer McGonigle
  • Marie Foley
  • Dawn Rennert
  • Jennifer Schunemann
  • Steven Verrill
  • Beth Williams
  • Cato Anderson
  • Debra Stark
  • Jan Turnquist

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