Lease of Town Property

Chapter 331, Acts of 1981
An Act authorizing the Town of Concord to lease surplus land and buildings for periods up to 40 years.

Be it enacted, as follows:

Section 1.

The Town of Concord, acting by its Select Board and upon a vote of an annual or special Town Meeting, is hereby authorized to lease public lands and buildings and parts thereof which are declared to be surplus for a period of up to forty years. Schoolhouses in actual use as such are excepted;

Section 2.

This act shall take effect upon its passage.

Article 24, Annual Town Meeting, April 1981

Chapter 331, Acts of 1981 (supersedes Massachusetts General Law Ch. 40, §3, which limits the lease of town real estate to no more than 10 years) APP number 34, Rental and Sale of Town Property, August 27, 1982 (in accordance w / Chapter 579, §40J, Acts of 1980)