What is mass appraisal?
Assessors must value all real and personal property in the community to their full and fair cash value. Mass appraisal is the process used by every Massachusetts city and town to create the property assessments. Assessments are based on an analysis of Concord’s entire real estate market for a specified period of time. This study guides the setting of valuation parameters that are used to calculate the property values town-wide. It differs from the more well-known “bank” or fee appraisal. Although the appraisal concepts are the same and the results similar, the process is different. No particular sale or group of sales is used to determine the value of your property, but all of a certain calendar year’s sales are included in the analysis that set the parameters for the next fiscal year.

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1. What is mass appraisal?
2. What is market value?
3. How often does the valuation of properties change?
4. When my neighbor’s house sells, will their price determine my assessment?
5. How is the calendar year different from the fiscal year?