How do you decide to pave a road?
A comprehensive database is connected to a detailed pavement management system. The overall condition of any street is calculated and ranked in comparison with all other streets in Town. Based upon the potential benefit gained from repairs and the available funding, a repair program is scheduled each year. Minor repairs such as potholes, and more are handled through the Highway Division, contact the Highway Division at 978-318-3220.

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1. Where is your office and what are your hours?
2. What information do you have?
3. Can I get a map of my property?
4. How do you decide to pave a road?
5. Where does my property end?
6. Can I plant flowers or put up a fence near the roadway?
7. Can I get a lower speed limit on my street?
8. Can I get stop signs erected to slow traffic?
9. Can I get a different house number?