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In order to be eligible to receive a rebate, you must have requested rebate pre-approval and received an award letter from CMLP prior to installation.

Step 1: Once the installation is complete, your electrician must schedule an inspection by the Concord Building Department’s electrical inspector. Contact information and hours for the Building Department are here. Once the installation passes inspection, CMLP will be notified by the Building Department, and will install a meter to measure the electricity used by the charging station. 

Step 2: Provide CMLP with the ability to verify that the charging station is operational by granting charging station data viewer account access to CMLP staff. Email an invitation to set up account access to CMLP's Energy Efficiency & Electrification Coordinator, Jan Aceti, at Operational status is confirmed if CMLP is able to generate a report showing that at least one charging session has occurred. Alternatively, CMLP reserves the right to verify operational status by initiating a charging session onsite at the station. CMLP will notify you by email of the date on which it verified that the station is operational. 

Step 3: Assemble the following information and documentation to be ready to complete the rebate payment request:

  • The project number on the rebate award letter that you received from CMLP prior to installation.
  • The operational status verification date emailed to you by CMLP. 
  • If MassEVIP is an additional funding source for the project, the estimated MassEVIP grant amount for which the project is eligible or the actual MassEVIP award letter.  Note: Our Commercial EV Specialists can help you estimate your MassEVIP grant eligibility and apply for a MassEVIP grant from the state to supplement the charging station rebate provided by CMLP. Request a consultation with a Commercial EV Program Specialist here or by calling 833-443-8363. EV Specialist services are supported by CMLP funds and are available at no cost to you. 
  • Photo(s) of the installed EV charging station(s). Photos should clearly show parking spaces (including ADA accessible EV parking space if required by MassEVIP) and EV designated signage.
  • Itemized invoices and/or receipts for charging equipment and/or installation work. Note that if charging equipment costs and installation costs are not itemized separately on these documents, the rebate amount that CMLP pays for the project may be reduced by up to 50%.
  • IRS W-9 form (only for CMLP commercial customers requesting a rebate of $600 or more in the form of a check)

Step 4: Click the button below to complete the rebate payment request and upload supporting documentation. Rebate payment requests must be received by CMLP within 90 days of the date on which CMLP has been able to verify that the station is operational. 

Rebate Payment Request Button


  • Depending on actual project costs and the estimated or actual MassEVIP grant amounts received by the applicant, the CMLP rebate amount paid may differ from the CMLP pre-approved rebate amount. 
  • A rebate cannot be paid until a project has passed a Concord Building Department electrical inspection. Inspection approval is subject to verification by CMLP.

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