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  • Applicant will apply for all necessary permits and approvals.
  • Applicant must sign the Commercial Charging Station Data Release Authorization, agreeing to provide or authorize their EV charging data to be provided to CMLP at no cost for three years after the rebate is received. Applicant must grant data viewer account access to CMLP staff. 
  • The charging station(s) will be installed on a new, separate meter. The new meter must be connected line-side to CMLP’s distribution system, meaning that the new meter cannot be sub-metered to the customer’s existing meter on the load side. Electricians wishing to consult with CMLP regarding the point of utility connection and/or meter location for the EV charging station should contact CMLP’s Engineering Division at or 978-318-3116.
  • The charging station owner will pay CMLP for the electricity recorded on the new meter and a new monthly meter charge levied pursuant to the G-4 General Service - Electric Vehicle Charging tariff.
  • The charging station owner will determine what to charge for use of the charging stations; however, CMLP must approve the applicant’s pricing policy, as well as usage accessibility and compliance enforcement plans. CMLP’s Commercial EV Specialists can advise on best practices. Any changes to the usage policy, pricing or compliance enforcement plans must be approved by CMLP for three years after the rebate is received.
  • The station must be installed at or near dedicated parking space(s) with appropriate signage to indicate that it is for EV charging only. 
  • Any electrical work needed to install a charging system must be done by a licensed electrician under an electrical permit issued by the Town and must pass inspection by the Town’s Electrical Inspector.
  • Applicants who previously received a commercial charging station rebate are eligible to receive subsequent rebates for additional stations if existing charging station data show greater than 50% utilization on a 24/7 basis. Station owners are responsible for driving up usage of the station outside of business hours. For example, they may promote usage of the station to nearby multi-dwelling unit (MDU) property residents who do not have on-site charging facilities. 
  • In order to be eligible for a rebate, applicants must request rebate pre-approval and receive a rebate award letter from CMLP prior to installation. See the section below entitled, “How to Request Rebate Pre-Approval Before Installation.”
  • The charging station must be installed and operational within 6 months of the award letter issue date. Extensions for extenuating circumstances will be considered.

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