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  • The Commercial EV Charging Station rebate is available to: 
    • Fleets
    • Multi-dwelling unit properties with 2 or more residential units 
    • Educational campuses 
    • Workplaces with 2 or more employees 
    • Business establishments serving the public

Note that CMLP has chosen to make some eligibility criteria broader than the criteria used by the MassEVIP program, in order to serve more properties. 

  • Applicants must have an active commercial electric account with CMLP. Multi-dwelling unit properties with common area electric accounts classified as residential accounts in CMLP’s billing system may be eligible for Commercial EV Charging Station Rebates at CMLP’s discretion. 
  • Applicants are eligible to receive a rebate for one dual or two single port charging station(s) per service address. At its discretion, CMLP reserves the right to provide an applicant with rebates for more than one charging station (or pair of single port stations) if the applicant provides compelling evidence that more than one is needed. 
  • Eligible and Non-Eligible Costs: 
Eligible CostsNon-Eligible Costs
For Charging Equipment IncentiveLand/parking space purchase or lease
A console wired into the electrical supply Software subscription and warranty
A cable and connector to plug into the EV 
Cable management strategy (e.g., coil, retractable, etc.) 
Internet connection or cell signal
Mounting, either pedestal or wall. Pedestal: hard-wired to a permanent pole or box. Wall: hard-wired to a wall and typically includes a mounting plate. 
Planning or permitting for the project
Separate payment module
Bollards, curbs, wheel stops, setbacks, bumper guards 
Shipping/Freight for eligible charging equipment costs
Electricity consumption, demand and meter charges 
For Installation IncentivePreventative and corrective maintenance on EV charging station 
Customer electrical infrastructure: electrical make ready and branch wiring
Upgrading or adding new utility electric supply equipment, including 2nd transformer or line extensions if needed.[1]
Labor to bring stations to electrical code
Shipping/Freight for non-eligible costs
Electrical materials: conduit, fittings, wire, electrical equipment
Others as determined by CMLP
Construction costs related to installation (including ADA EV parking space if required by MassEVIP)

Signage and pavement painting

Shipping/freight for eligible installation costs.

[1] CMLP typically pays for transformer upgrades. However, if a new transformer or new primary or secondary service cable were needed, this is typically the customer’s responsibility. Factors that influence whether or not a new transformer is needed include whether the existing transformer pad can accommodate more conduit or a larger transformer.

  • Note that if charging equipment costs and installation costs are not itemized separately on the project cost proposal and invoice, the rebate may be reduced up to 50%. 
  • In order to be eligible for a rebate, you must request rebate pre-approval and receive a rebate award letter from CMLP prior to installation. See section below entitled, "How to Request Rebate Pre-Approval Before Installation."
  • Rebate payment requests must be received by CMLP within 90 days of the date on which CMLP has been able to verify that the station is operational.

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