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Rebates will not be issued until projects have passed the Concord Building Department's electrical inspection. If sheet metal duct work beyond minor repairs was also part of the project, it must also have passed a sheet metal inspection.  Find out more details about permits and inspections in the Quality Assurance section on this page. Contact information and hours for the Building Department are here.

All rebates of $750 or less are issued as a credit on your electric bill.  

Any customer in good standing may choose to receive a rebate over $750 as either a bill credit or a check from the Town. Indicate your preference on your rebate application. If a customer requesting a check has been in arrears frequently in the past two years, CMLP may apply all or part of the rebate as a bill credit rather than as a check.

A rebate check will arrive 4 to 6 weeks after rebate approval. 

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