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Preliminary Step 1: To be eligible for a rebate, heat pump projects require a quality assurance (QA) check by Abode Energy Management. After the installation is complete, your contractor must submit the online Installation Quality Assurance (QA) Form to Abode, found at the following links for air-source or ground-source heat pumps. The quality assurance check may include an on-site inspection, if necessary. Once the project has received its quality assurance approval, Abode will submit the QA documentation to CMLP on your behalf, and will send an email confirmation to you and your contractor.

Ground-Source Heat Pump Installation Quality Assurance (QA) Form

Preliminary Step 2: CMLP’s rebate application requires you to attest that the heat pump installation has passed a Town of Concord Building Department electrical inspection and, if applicable, a sheet meal inspection. Ensure that the following steps have been taken before you apply for a heat pump rebate.

- The project electrician must apply for a Town electrical permit before work begins, and schedule an electrical inspection after the work is done.

- If the project requires sheet metal ducting work that goes beyond minor repairs, a sheet metal permit must be obtained for the project. Examples of projects that require a sheet metal permit include installation of new ducting or replacement, significant repairs or changes to existing ducting. The Town of Concord's inspector must have inspected and approved the sheet metal work. 

Payment of rebates is contingent upon verification by CMLP that Town records show the appropriate inspection approvals for the project.. Find out more about permits and inspections in the Quality Assurance section on this page. The Building Department's contact information and hours are here

Rebate Application Step: Access the rebate application at the button below, and complete it with assistance from your installer or CMLP Energy Specialist Pamela Cady ( or 978-318-3149). If you are working with a heating/cooling coach, they may be able to help you as well. Upload the following documents with the rebate application.

- invoice from a heat pump installer showing:

- installation address

- installer company name

- outdoor and indoor equipment model numbers

- integrated control model numbers, if applicable.

- Whole-home heat pump verification form signed by you and your installer, if the heat pump system is sized to be the sole source of heating in the residence and there are fewer than 5 living units on the property. Note that individual living units in residential 5+ unit complexes on common property, including 1-4 unit buildings that are part of larger complexes on common property, are not eligible for whole home rebates, but are eligible for partial home rebates. The whole-home heat pump verification form is not required for partial home rebate applications. 

The rebate application must be received by CMLP within 90 days of the heat pump installation date. The installation date is the date that the installation was completed, inclusive of any additional work needed in order for the project to pass Abode Energy Management's quality assurance check. 

If an application received by CMLP is incomplete or has not met all of the rebate requirements (i.e. scheduled home energy assessment, approved quality assurance form, approved electrical inspection and (if needed) approved sheet metal inspection), CMLP will reach out once to the installer and to the customer by both phone and email. If outstanding issues are not resolved within 30 days of the communication, the project will no longer be eligible for a rebate. If a quality assurance form needs to be completed, it must be submitted to Abode Energy Management within 25 days of the communication, to ensure that Abode has time to review it and to notify CMLP before the 30 day deadline as to whether it is approved.  

The Town of Concord assumes no liability for any equipment, installation or damages. 

The Town may inspect equipment to verify the above information up to 1 year after receiving the rebate application.


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