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Pre-Existing Primary Fuel TypeEquipment TypeRebate TypeRebate AmountSpecial RequirementsEquipment Eligibility  Criteria
Oil, Propane, Electric Resistance, Heat Pumps, or ETSGround Source
Heat Pumps (GSHPs)
Partial Home$2,000 per ton* up to $15,000 
per home per year

Must be on both ENERGY STAR and AHRI-Certified Lists
Whole Home$15,000 per homeSee Note below**

Air Source
Heat Pumps (ASHPs)
Partial Home$1,250 per ton* up to $10,000 
per home per year
Integrated controls required if supplemental heating system uses oil or propane. Refer to Mass Save Integrated Controls Product List at Save Heat Pump Qualified Product List at
Whole Home$10,000 per homeSee Note below**
Outbuilding$1,250 per ton* up to $2,500 per outbuilding per year

Oil, Propane, Heat Pumps, or ETSAir to Water
Heat Pumps (AWHPs)
Whole Home$10,000 per homeSee Note below**

* Tons are calculated based on AHRI cooling capacity divided by 12,000 BTUs.

**Heat pumps must be capable of being the sole source of heating for the residence. Whole-home heat pump verification form must be signed and submitted with rebate application. 

Rebate Caps:

Rebate not to exceed project cost.

A customer is eligible for the following maximum rebate per service address per calendar year for equipment installed in that calendar year. A service address is the physical address at which electricity is provided. The equipment installation date is the latter of the Concord Building Department's electrical inspection approval date or sheet metal inspection approval date (applicable if the project requires sheet metal ducting work that goes beyond minor repairs).

- $10,000 in air source heat pump or air-to-water heat pump rebates or

- $15,000 in ground source heat pump rebates or

- $15,000 in rebates if a combination of air source and ground source heat pumps are installed

If a property is sold, the new account holder’s cap resets at $10,000 (ASHP or AWHP) or $15,000 (GSHP) per service address per calendar year, regardless of rebates awarded to previous account holders.

Rebate cannot be combined with a National Grid/Mass Save rebate for the same equipment.

Rebate Eligibility for Multi-Unit Properties

Multi-unit properties include:

  • residential condominium complexes
  • single family homes with informal apartments
  • 2 or 3 family homes
  • Multiple houses on one parcel
  • Properties with outbuildings, where heat pump is to be installed in the outbuilding
  • Apartment buildings with 4 or more units
  • Transient or non-transient group quarters

 The way in which CMLP applies its heat pump rebate policy to different types of multi-unit properties is based upon:

  • Property type classification codes known as “Use Codes,” that are displayed in the “Land Use” section of each property record in the Concord Assessor’s database
  • Electric service addresses in CMLP’s billing system. 

 Click here to see how CMLP’s heat pump rebate policies apply to each of the multi-unit property types listed above.  

Rebate Eligibility for New Construction

See the next section: "Eligibility Criteria for All Heat Pump Projects," for information on rebate eligibility for new construction.

Rebate Eligibility for Ground Source Heat Pumps that Share a Geothermal Well

A ground source heat pump sharing a geothermal well with another ground source heat pump serving a different building is not eligible for a rebate from CMLP.

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