Why do you send a fire engine when I called for an ambulance?
All Concord Fire Department members are trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). During a medical emergency minutes, in fact seconds, count! The response of the closest fire engine to your emergency brings trained Firefighter/EMTs to your home or office within minutes.

Emergency life saving equipment such as oxygen, semi-automatic defibrillator and other medical equipment are carried on the fire engine for use by these trained firefighters. Additional staff on a fire engine also provide supervision and it is necessary to have additional trained personnel to assist in moving stretchers through buildings, carrying patients down stairways or when slippery conditions are encountered; this helps to reduce back injuries to personnel handling unwieldy stretchers and heavy patients.

It is also necessary to have more than two people perform certain treatments such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation while moving a patient. At traffic accidents, the fire engine personnel extricating the person from the wreckage and keep the area safe if there are fuel spills, fire or other hazards present.

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1. Why do you send a fire engine when I called for an ambulance?
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