Personnel Board

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Board Organization & Responsibilities

The Town's Personnel Board consists of 5 members appointed by the Select Board in accordance with the Personnel Bylaw. Members are appointed for 3-year terms and may serve for 2 terms.

The Personnel Board has responsibility for the administration of the Personnel Bylaw of the Town, which applies to all positions except elected officers, employees with personal contracts, employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement, and employees of the school department.

Administration of the Personnel Bylaw includes the following:
  • Establishing, reviewing and maintaining job classifications and compensation plans for approval by Town Meeting
  • Recommending non-wage provisions, such as leave benefits, for approval by Town Meeting
  • Reviewing and approving job descriptions for all regular positions included under the Personnel Bylaw
  • Establishing policies and procedures in conjunction with the Town Manager as necessary to implement the Personnel Bylaw
  • Hearing and taking appropriate action on the appeal of any employee aggrieved by the operation of any provision of the Personnel Bylaw, or aggrieved by any action of the Town Manager
  • Resolving questions and disputes relative to interpretation of the provisions of the Personnel Bylaw, as may be referred to the Board by employees and officials of the Town