What is the advantage of installing an air-source heat pump in my home?

The majority of people who install an air-source heat pump in their home do so to obtain an improved level of comfort. For example, they may wish to add air conditioning to a home, or to better heat or cool parts of their home that weren’t adequately heated or cooled before. And, popular ductless heat pumps installed throughout a home are zone-friendly – you heat or cool only the rooms you need to.

People who currently have conventional electric resistance or propane-fueled heating systems can save 50% - 70% on energy costs by heating with an air-source heat pump instead. At current fuel prices, oil heating households can save up to 30%. At current prices, natural gas-heating households won’t cut costs by using air source heat pumps.

Concordians also install heat pumps because the systems reduce carbon emissions due to heating by 30 – 70%. This is a result of the combined high efficiency of the heat pump technology and the relatively lower carbon content of electricity, compared to other heating fuels. Most households keep their existing heating system when they install heat pumps. On extremely cold days, the existing heating system supplements the heat provided by the heat pumps. The actual percentage of carbon reduction depends on the percentage of the home’s heating needs met by heat pumps, and the heating fuel being replaced.

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