What materials can I recycle in my green bins?
The recycling truck for the municipal collection program has 2 compartments: 1 for mixed paper and 1 for commingled containers. Materials must be separated into these 2 categories when setting materials out for collection.

Materials that go in the mixed paper compartment include any kind of clean paper item:
- Newspaper
- Magazines
- Catalogs
- Junk mail
- Envelopes
- White and colored paper
- Fax paper
- Phone books
- Paperback books
- Spiral notebooks
- Clasp envelopes
- Manila folders
- Shoe boxes
- Cereal boxes
- Poster board
- Corrugated cardboard, and more.

Plastic windows, self-stick labels, and staples are accepted. Cardboard must be flattened and smaller than 36 inches by 36 inches in order to fit in the compartment. Household product containers include 4 types of containers: glass, metal, plastic, and aseptic cartons. All these containers may be mixed together in a single bin.

Glass containers include clear and colored bottles and jars with lids removed (you do not need to remove metal collars). Metal containers include deposit and non-deposit beverage cans, metal food cans, and metal jar and can lids. Plastic containers include any plastic bottle or jar except those used for motor oil or other chemicals. It also includes other plastic containers, such as plastic take out food containers (except those made from styrofoam). Aseptic cartons include paper milk and juice cartons as well as empty juice boxes that have had the straws removed. Please remember that all containers must be rinsed clean.

Please do not recycle the following items:
- Plastic bags
- Styrofoam (cups, trays, block, or packaging peanuts, even if marked #6)
- Plastic containers for motor oil or other hazardous chemicals, or soiled paper (such as paper plates, cups, towels, napkins, tissue, or paper with paint or glue).

Pizza boxes can only be recycled when they have absolutely no grease or other food waste and are turned inside out so they look like a regular piece of cardboard.

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