What should I do with my Styrofoam?
The market for used Styrofoam in New England is very limited at this time and no curbside program collects it. Styrofoam packaging peanuts are quite expensive to purchase, and the best way to recycle clean and dry peanuts is to take them to a business that will reuse them, such as UPS Store on Thoreau Street. If you do throw them away, they must be placed in a securely tied bag, or they may end up all over your neighborhood.

Styrofoam block that comes with new products, such as computers and small household appliances, can be recycled at the Drop-off Days sponsored by ReUsIt and Concord Public Works each spring and fall if it is clean and dry. For information and Drop-off dates call Concord Public Works at 978-318-3240. Clean Styrofoam cups, trays, and takeout clam shells will also be accepted on DropOff Days.

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