2015 Open Space & Recreation Plan

Section Description
2015 Open Space and Recreation Plan Title Page
Table of Contents Table of Contents
Section 1 Plan Summary
Section 2 Introduction
Section 3 Community Setting
Section 4 Environmental Inventory and Analysis
Section 5 Inventory of Lands of Conservation and Recreation Interest
Section 6 Community Goals
Section 7 Analysis of Needs
Section 8 Goals and Objectives
Section 9 7-Year Action Plan
Section 10 Public Comments
Section 11 Works Cited
Appendix A Map Data Attribution
Appendix B Transfer of Development Rights
Appendix C Priority Open Space Resources: Status and Concerns
Appendix D Concord's Region
Appendix E Proposed Trails To Be Made Accessible for Wheelchair Users
Appendix F Concord's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation Information for Handicap Accessibility
Appendix G Open Space Inventory
Appendix H Open Space the Last 20 Years
Appendix I Status of the 2004 Open Space Plan Recommendations
Appendix J (PDF) 2004 Properties of Conservation Interest