Zoning Information

Information Relating to Laws & Regulations Governing Land Use

Land use in the Town of Concord is subject to regulation under various Town Bylaws and Statutes of the Commonwealth. Included among these are the Concord Zoning Bylaw, adopted pursuant to Chapter 40A, "The Zoning Act" of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the following:
  • The Laws of Concord set forth the Select Board's Rules and Regulations, Standing Votes and Town Charter Bylaws including the Sign and Advertising Devices Bylaw, which is administered by the Building Inspector.
  • Subdivision Rules and Regulations set forth the Planning Board's procedures and standards to be followed in the subdivision of land and the construction of ways.
  • Zoning Bylaw adopted at the Special Town Meeting of April 1977, and as subsequently amended, sets forth certain requirements relating to zoning matters. For more information view the Zoning Bylaw page.
  • Sign Bylaw regulates, restricts and places limitations on the size, location, type and illumination of all signs. For more information view the Sign Bylaw (PDF).
  • State Building Code sets forth the regulations, administered by the Building Inspector, relative to the construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, demolition, removal, inspection, issuance and revocation of permits or licenses, installation of equipment, classification and definition of buildings and structures and use or occupancy thereof.
  • State Environmental Code - Title 5 sets forth the minimum standards for the protection of public health and the environment when circumstances require the use of individual systems for the disposal of sanitary sewage in areas where municipal sewage systems are not available.
  • Minimum requirements for the disposal of sanitary sewage in unanswered areas set forth the Board of Health's local rules and regulations pertaining to the construction or installation of on-lot sewage disposal systems.
  • Historic District Zones set forth the boundary description of the Historic Districts and the regulations administered by the Historic Districts Commission pertaining to the preservation and protection of buildings, places and districts of historic or literary significance in such zones through the development and maintenance of appropriate settings. Maps of the Districts are available at the Town House.
  • State Wetlands Protection Act is administered by the Concord Natural Resources Commission and provides for public review of proposed projects which involve construction or other alteration of land in or near wetlands or land deemed subject to periodic flooding.
  • Select Board supervises use of Town land, adopts regulations on diverse matters such as metered parking, acts on public utility petitions, and is the local licensing authority for liquor, entertainment, and similar activities.