Treasurer / Collector

Mission Statement

The Treasurer / Collector Division of the Finance Department is responsible for the receipt, short-term investment and disbursement of all Town funds. The division manages the billing and collection of all Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes, and Curbside Refuse Collection subscriptions.

Additionally they are responsible for the sale of:             
  • Barrel Stickers
  • Trash Tags
  • West Concord MBTA Parking Permits
  • Crosby Lot Parking Permits
The collection of:                 
  •  Parking Fines
  •  Police False Alarm Bills
  •  Special invoices for Water and Sewer
  •  Other departmental fees
The management of:                  
  • Tax Title accounts
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Ambulance Fees
Town House Entrance
The Treasury division is dedicated to timely processing of all payments and disbursements, as well as, providing professional customer assistance.