Compost Site and Capped Landfill at 755 Walden Street

Compost Site and Capped Landfill

Concord Public Works maintains the former landfill for a variety of uses to benefit the community. Sharing this valuable resource with residents and other Departments in Concord is essential.
Capped Landfill Open Field

Yard Waste Recycling

Residents bring leaves and grass clippings for composting, and brush for chipping. The rich compost that is created is then picked up by residents free of charge for use in gardens and flower beds. Sand and wood chips are also available to residents at no charge on a seasonal basis. 

Christmas Tree Recycling & Styrofoam Collection

Residents bring Christmas trees and styrofoam for collection during designated dates in January each year.

Paint Shed

The paint shed is open Wednesdays from 3-5:30 and Saturdays from 9am to 2:30pm.  

Catch Basin Material & Snow Storage

This location is used for the temporary storage of catch basin materials - prior to disposal. This is also an important snow storage area during the winter months.

Landfill Monitoring

Concord Public Works oversees quarterly soil gas monitoring and semi-annual ground water sampling. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection requires landfill monitoring at closed landfills.
Person Monitoring Landfill in Caution Jacket

Invasive Plants

Town Residents and the Natural Resources Division Staff can dispose of "invasive" plants at the former landfill.
Invasive Plants Sign Next to Dumpster of Plants

Equipment Storage

This facility serves a vital purpose for the equipment storage needs of Concord Public Works along with other Town Departments.
Various Large Equipment Pieces

Portable Shooting Range

The former landfill has been used as a secure location for police training.
Large Truck and Shooting Range

Thriving Wildlife

The former landfill is home to a variety of plants and wildlife.

We hope you enjoyed this overview and photo-essay of the Town's former landfill. Please contact Concord Public Works at 978-318-3240 if you have any questions relating to operations and services available at the former landfill.