Controlled Water Heating

Electric Hot Water Heating Savings Program

Are you looking for ways to save on your electricity costs? Do you have an electric hot water heater?* If you heat your hot water with electricity, you can cut your electricity costs and help the environment by participating in Concord Municipal Light Plant’s (CMLP) controlled water heating program. We currently have a network of more than 360 Concord residents enrolled.

*We recommend a minimum hot water tank size of 50 gallons (larger is better) in order to provide you with enough stored hot water for your needs during the times  we control your hot water heater.

Electricity During Peak Hours

Electricity is more expensive during certain times of the day, known as peak hours, when we need more energy to operate appliances, air conditioners, computers, etc. CMLP looks for ways to decrease demand during these peak hours with programs such as with our controlled water heating program.

How the Program Works

We will install a switch on your electric water heater to allow us to turn it off daily (for approximately 4 hours) when power is most expensive and generated by the least efficient plants.

Each month we will give you a credit of $10.00 on your bill for participating in the program. The credit represents the costs avoided by CMLP when controlling your water heater each month of the year.  

Switch Installation

We will install a new meter and electronic switch that communicate with our load management system. The switch will be located inside near your water heater, so we need to schedule an appointment with you to install the new equipment. The appointment will take approximately one hour, and there will be a brief interruption of power for up to 30 minutes while the new switch for your water heater is installed.

Service to your electric water heater will be available for a minimum of 18 hours each day. Currently, we are turning off the water heaters for 4 hours daily.

Please note the first meter reading may be either more or less than your normal billing, but will even out the following month. 

Sign Up To Save

Contact Customer Service at 978-318-3101 or by email to sign up. 

You can also sign up to get daily email updates about CMLP's load management strategy to help you plan your energy use for the day.