CMLP in the Community

CMLP is proud to be a part of the Concord community. Since 1898, we have provided reliable service and quick response to outages. Thank you to all our customers!

Community Events

Annual Holiday Tree Lighting

CMLP line crew decorates trees outdoors for the holidays using thousands of energy efficient LED lights in the West Concord business district and at the Town House.

Energy & Electrical Safety Education

Each winter, CMLP staff presents a lesson on the science of electricity and how to safely harness its power to third-grade students at the Willard, Alcott, and Thoreau schools. Topics covered include how electricity is made, how it gets to Concord homes, and how line workers do their job. As part of this interactive lesson, students make electricity by riding a bicycle generator, create circuits to operate fans and pinwheels, and touch a solar panel.

Energy Conservation Services

CMLP offers our residential customers energy savings advice and no-charge energy audits; we provide discounts on full-scale audits for our commercial customers. We also offer the following rebate programs:

  • Air Purifiers for Businesses
  • Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps
  • LED Lighting
  • Electric Heat Weatherization
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems
  • High Efficiency Lighting Upgrades for Businesses

Funds, Trusts & Programs

Hugh Cargill Trust

CMLP contributes funds annually to the Hugh Cargill Trust which helps eligible Town residents with emergency assistance to pay their electric bills.

Payment-In-Lieu-of-Tax (PILOT)

As a municipal utility, CMLP is exempt from paying taxes to the town; however, we do make a payment to the Town each year called a payment in-lieu of taxes based on the amount equal to what NSTAR would pay in property taxes were they serving Concord.

Our annual PILOT payments for previous years:

  • 2021 - $474,500
  • 2020 - $478,000
  • 2019 - $452,000
  • 2018 - $461,000
  • 2017 - $474,000
  • 2016 - $465,500
  • 2015 - $472,400
  • 2014 - $458,650
  • 2013 - $447,800
  • 2012 - $385,000

Residential Rate Assistance

CMLP began our Residential Rate Assistance program in 2006 to help Concord residents in financial need. Eligible customers are able to lower their bills by as much as 50%. There are approximately 180 Concord households enrolled in this program.