Frequently Asked Question - Alternatives


If Concord Broadband is not going to offer telephone or cable television services, what alternatives are there?


There are many methods for receiving telephone and television today. We have provided just a few examples for your benefit.

Keep Your Existing Cable Television Service

If you are happy with your existing television service from Comcast®, Direct TV®, or Dish TV®, keep it. We bring in a separate line so there is no need to discontinue your existing service. If you have internet and video from Comcast®, keep your account active until we have installed your new service and then downgrade to video only.

Video Alternatives

Video alternatives include things like free broadcast TV or online services; television signals are still broadcast over the air and can be received for free, often with just a leaf style antenna that can be mounted on an interior wall. Many customers are surprised that the uncompressed HDTV signals received directly from broadcasters are superior to the compressed signals provided by Comcast® or a satellite supplier.

In addition, video content is available over high speed internet connections from services such as Netflix®, Hulu Plus®, Amazon Prime®, and iTunes®. A new service from Sling TV® offers a small internet delivered package of traditional cable networks such as ESPN, AMC, History, HBO and other networks for as little as $20 a month.

Telephone Alternatives

Land Lines, Cell Phones, VOIP Services: Many residents are using cellular phones instead of land lines today; you may decide you don't need a land line at all. Alternatives to Comcast and Verizon land lines include Voice Over internet Protocol (VOIP) providers such as Ooma®, Vonage® and Google Voice® to name a few. These services ride on top of a high speed internet service and can provide 911 services.

If you currently have phone service and would like to change to a 3rd party VOIP provider, Concord Municipal Light Plant can help guide you through the transition. Many people find that they get much better service at a substantially lower cost.

Concord Broadband Provides Options

The Concord Broadband service is a great platform for customers who want to use new alternatives or combine alternatives in different ways. Some customers may prefer to continue with the services they already have. Concord Broadband service will not reduce or remove currently existing options.