Concord Broadband

Thank you for your interest in Broadband from CMLP. We are committed to providing high-quality Internet service in Concord at competitive prices.

October 29, 2020

Concord Broadband will be performing network maintenance on Sunday morning, November 1st during the hours of 7 and 9:30am.  The following areas will experience periodic service interruptions: Annursnac Hill, College Hill, Temple Rd, Strawberry Hill Rd and Crowell Farm Rd. 
Concord Broadband appreciates the support and patience of all our residences impacted by this planned maintenance event.

October 9, 2020

Concord Broadband thanks all our residents for their patience during this major outage period. The storm caused extensive damage resulting in over five hundred customers losing broadband service.  By Thursday morning, the number of customers without internet access was down to one hundred and eight. 

As of this morning we have only 11 customers without service.  The Broadband Team is actively in the field to restore these remaining service outages as conditions allow.

October 8, 2020

Concord Broadband is aware of the multiple outages throughout the Town caused by multiple telecommunications poles and trees down in the area.

Concord Broadband is working diligently to restore service to all our customers.

September 18, 2020

Concord Broadband will be performing routine fiber maintenance on Sunday morning September 20th.  The following areas may experience a very limited interruption in service during this period  - Annursnac Hill, College Hill, Temple Rd, Strawberry Hill Rd and Crowell Farm Rd.  Concord Broadband does not expect any interruptions to service to last longer than 15 minutes.

August 10, 2020

Concord Broadband recognizes the inconvenience of outages and is always working diligently to maintain the network.  All four recent limited area outages have been confirmed as natural events.  The recent Storm activity and three instances of animal damage to electrical or fiber facilities were the direct cause of all recent service interruptions.


CMLP will continue to monitor and maintain our services to best possible level.


 July 13, 2020 - 10:00 AM

Concord Broadband has identified a major fiber feed break affecting multiple customers.  If you are experiencing an outage, we regret any inconvenience and are in the process of repairing the damage.  We expect the service to be restored shortly.

3:22 PM
The Broadband technicians located the fiber break. Damage from an animal. Service should be restored in another 2-3 hours. The affected area is as follows: Orchard, MacArthur and a small portion of Main Street.



Update: May 19, 2020
Concord Broadband is in the process of putting a post COVID installation policy in place in anticipation of lifting the Installation Moratorium in the very near future. We are looking forward to resuming Broadband Installations and getting back to serving the residents and businesses of Concord.

Update: April 15, 2020
The Concord Broadband Team completed an equipment upgrade to increase bandwidth of the network early this morning. This project was already in progress, and the team accelerated the project as a direct result to the Governor’s “Stay at Home Order” during the COVID-19 crisis. 

As a result of Governor Baker's order, the team recognized the need complete this upgrade as quickly as possible and without any interruption of service for our customers' benefit. 

Update: April 8, 2020
During the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic; CMLP will resume broadband installations for new residents moving into the Town of Concord as well as existing residents in the process of moving to a new home within our town. 

Our goal is to minimize physical exposure for the safety of everyone, while providing broadband service to those without existing access.  Internet access is now considered an essential service for communication. 

We sincerely look forward to returning to normal operations and providing broadband to all our residents as soon as possible.

March 27, 2020

Customers across the internet utilizing many different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are seeing increased traffic and possible "slowing down" of their favorite sites or streaming services. We here at Concord Broadband want to assure all of our customers that we are actively monitoring our network for any internal congestion and just recently upgraded our overall bandwidth to assure that we are staying well below our peak usage rates. 

As more and more devices come online and are being used during peak times and in data amounts we have not yet seen before, the internet’s infrastructure from Microsoft’s Azure services to AWS (Amazon Web Services), are seeing capacity issues.

What this means for our customers is that the sites you are trying to visit or the shows you are trying to stream are hitting a throughput bottleneck for what those services can handle. This will cause you to possibly see buffering or lag.

We will continue to monitor our network and make sure that our fiber network and your connection to our fiber is never the cause of your issue. If you feel that you are experiencing abnormal slow down or would like to upgrade to a higher bandwidth package, please call our
24/7 Help Desk at 978-318-3199. ​

March 12, 2020

After careful consideration and out of the utmost caution for the Concord Community and our staff, CMLP has made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend installation of new Concord Light Broadband customers.

Following increased and overwhelming concern about the COVID-19 virus we felt this was the best way to handle such an unprecedented global situation. While we understand this may be frustrating for potential customers we have had to, like many businesses worldwide, take steps to modify our business model to protect our staff and citizens.

Concord Light Broadband will continue performing routine maintenance on all existing fiber lines and will, of course, respond to any emergency situations that arise with our current Broadband customers. We encourage residents to continue to place their orders as normal. This will reserve your place in the queue and allow CMLP to proactively contact you upon the lifting of the suspension. 

We here at CMLP will be monitoring the developing situation closely and look forward to resuming installations as usual as soon as it becomes safe and prudent to do so.

Thank you for your understanding.

Gregory Marcinek
Director of Telecom, CMLP

Connecting New Customers

To get started with the fastest Internet in Concord, residents and businesses can check availability and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation by completing the Online Broadband Application form.

If you have further questions, please contact Customer Service at 978-318-3101 or by email.

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Broadband Equipment

What Differentiates Concord Light Broadband?

No other provider currently operating in Concord has a 100% fiber optic solution. This solution is technically superior in terms of speed and reliability. CMLP offers Internet service in a manner consistent with the values and approach used to deliver municipal electric service to Concord.

Community Commitment

Broadband from CMLP will be reliable, affordable and priced so as to provide a modest sustainable rate of return which adequately maintains the capital plant and protects Concord’s community interests. CMLP believes that this combination of technology and commitment will be attractive to many customers.

Our Policies: Privacy and Net Neutrality

We think that free, open, private Internet access is what our customers want and should get.

Concord Light Broadband respects the privacy of our customers. We do not collect personal data and we do not share or sell any customer information. This policy has been in place since day one. Now more than ever, we see no need to change it.

Net Neutrality is the idea that when you access the Internet, you can choose to use any service you want. We do not favor any content over any other content. All internet traffic is treated equally by our system.

Business Services - Affordable and Reliable

Below is a list of our standard Business Internet Service Levels.  Concord Light Broadband's Business offerings are all fully symmetrical and come with a Service Level commitment for hardware replacement that helps ensure that the business will stay up and running. See the Service Plans and pricing page for full details.

Business Service Plan Summary

  • Business Entry service is 70/70 Mbps
  • Business Basic service is 150/150 Mbps
  • Business Hi-Speed service is 275/275 Mbps
  • Business Ultra service is 400/400 Mbps

Residential Services - High Speed and Symmetrical

Since November 2015, Concord Light Broadband features symmetrical service for all our standard Residential Internet Service Levels. Symmetrical service means your upload speed equals the download speed. Every Residential service level from Concord Light Broadband exceeds the Federal Communication Commission's January 2015 Broadband Benchmark (PDF) of 25 Mbps or higher.

Residential Service Plan Summary

  • Residential Entry service is 35/35 Mbps for $49.95 per month
  • Residential Basic service is 70/70 Mbps for $64.95 per month
  • Residential Hi-Speed service is 150/150 Mbps for $74.95 per month
  • Residential Ultra  service is 300/300 Mbps for $89.95 per month


Note that the fiber optic infrastructure has been installed in approximately 95% of the CMLP service area. Unfortunately, some locations do not have fiber available yet due to issues accessing conduit or lack of conduit in the street. CMLP is working to get the last 5% of our service area connected to the fiber optic network. In some cases, this will require a significant construction effort. This work will be scheduled to coincide with other CMLP construction projects in order to avoid duplication of effort and multiple cuts on the same street.