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What's Growing in Concord

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This is a wonderful 45-minute DVD about farming in Concord-past, present and future. Lots of wonderful photos and interviews with Concord farmers. Great to share with family and friends. Presented by the Town of Concord Agriculture Committee, and produced by Dan Latham in 2009. All proceeds to benefit farming in Concord.

Concord in the Days of Strawberries & Streetcars

By Renee Garrelick (1985)
242 pages, softcover

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From the back cover: "Concord in the Days of Strawberries and Streetcars is a wonderful window into Concord's past. The story of earlier twentieth-century life unfolds through the oral history memories of its longtime residents as they describe Concord's transition from a small country town. It has been a century that brought far greater changes to the lifestyle of the community than any preceding it. As this book is read, some will feel nostalgia for the way of life described, others will regret the passing of an era, and still others, for the first time, will come to know how it was."

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Booklet & Map

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This little gem of a booklet provides residents and visitors alike with a wealth of interesting information about Concord's historic Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. The brochure includes a map and narratives about the more famous "residents" and landmarks of the cemetery (including the Hawthornes, Alcotts, Emersons, Daniel Chester French, and the Thoreaus).

Town of Concord Conservation Land Guide

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This is a large folded map of the major Town-owned conservation parcels in Concord, published in June 2000 by the Town's Natural Resources Commission. On one side is a map of Concord's recreational and open space lands, which provides a nice overview. The reverse side includes more detailed trail maps of 7 popular conservation parcels, and a summary of the Conservation Land Regulations.

Map of a Mill Brook Historic Tour

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This interpretive guide will take you along historic points and scenic vistas within the 2,100-acre watershed of the Lower Mill Brook. A multi-color map is included. Published by the Town's Natural Resources Division.

Guide to a Mill Brook Historic Tour

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A guide to the Lower Mill Brook prepared for the Mill Brook Task Force and the Town of Concord Natural Resources Commission. Written by Richard T.T. Forman and published by the Natural Resources Commission in 1997 (2nd Edition 1999). 34 pages

Old Burying Grounds of Concord

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This is a 69-page publication of the Concord Historical Commission, authored by Marian Wheeler in 1999. It provides maps and an index of the Old Hill and South Burying Grounds, a map of the New Hill Burying Ground, and a map of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, with interesting and significant graves noted.

Narrative Histories of Concord & West Concord

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This 74-page booklet was written by Anne McCarthy Forbes and published by the Concord Historical Commission in June 1995. Originally, these were published as the prefaces to "West Concord: Survey of Historical and Architectural Resources, Concord, Massachusetts" (published in January 1989) and "1994 Survey of Historical and Architectural Resources, Concord, Massachusetts."

Concord Bicentennial Commemorative Coin

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Bronze, issued in protective casing. Originally prepared for the Town's Bicentennial celebration in 1975.

Concord Millennium Medal

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Antique Silver - Limited Edition in velvet case. Originally prepared for the Town's Millenium celebration in the year 2000. Makes a wonderful gift for residents and visitors alike. A bargain at only $10 each!
Concord Bronze Bicentennial Coin
Concord Millennium Medal