Proposal Requirements

Due by Monday, January 8, 2024 at midnight. 

Send to PublicArtCall@ConcordMA.govApplications will receive a response email to confirm receipt.

 Include the following materials with your application as a single PDF.  

  1. Cover letter (up to 300 words) that includes:
    1. Name of artist or creative team and names of participating individuals
    2. Mailing address
    3. Phone and email 
  2. Sketch and written description of your idea (no more than 4 pages):
    1. Include description of materials, scale, and installation methods. 
    2. Provide information on relevant technical issues such as access to water and electricity, maintenance.
    3. Describe how the site would be returned to its original condition. 
  3. Artist Statement (up to 800 words): 
    1. Explain how the piece relates to the Call’s theme. How does this illustrate ideas related to freedom, liberty and justice? In what ways is your concept inspired by Henry David Thoreau and Ellen Garrison? What key message, insight, or question is communicated in the work?  
  4. Examples of Past Work:
    1. Up to 8 slides illustrating related work and/or previous installations. For each cited work include details on date, dimensions, and a one sentence description.
  5.  Resume(s) and/or artist bio(s).