2023 Spring Election

Two candidates, Brian Whitney and Kevin Walsh (Candidate bios below) have returned nomination papers for a single elected seat on the Retirement Board.  Ballots are due May 17, 2023.


Election will conducted by mail.  All members in and retired from service were mailed a ballot, a ballot envelope and a return envelope.  Return envelopes must be signed to indicate that you are eligible to vote.  The ballot will be placed in a separate sealed envelope inside the return envelope and will be opened on the day of election.  Ballots must be returned by May 17, 2023 for the May 19, 2023 election.

Candidates - Vote for 1

Term of Office:  Effective May 30, 2023 - May 29, 2026

Kevin Walsh 

My name is Kevin Walsh and I’m running for a position on the retirement board. I am a retired Concord Police Officer and am still working in Concord as a Traffic Officer, being employed by the Town of Concord for over 40 years. I have a great interest in our retirement system and how it works.

I have worked with many of you in most Town departments and enjoy that very much. Many of you have come to me with retirement questions and what the process entails. This is why I believe I can contribute more to you, both current employees and retirees by being on the board.

I will make myself available to you in person, via email or by phone. If I don’t have the correct answer to any of your questions, I will pursue that answer through the retirement administrator and I will always get back to you.

Thank you for your support,


Brian J. Whitney 

My name is Brian Whitney and I am currently one of your two elected representatives to the Concord Retirement Board. I have had the privilege of representing our system’s members and beneficiaries since 2002. I understand how important your pension is to you and your family and I take very seriously the responsibilities required of being a Board Member, including those required as a fiduciary. 

I have been a member of the retirement system and the Concord Fire Department for over 30 years. I have been active in numerous employee organizations throughout my fire service career, including as a member of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts (PFFM) Pension Committee. I regularly attend conferences, seminars, and educational opportunities, where I continue to gain knowledge and stay current on legal updates, best practices, and pension law changes.

 Board members have many responsibilities and are required to act solely in the interest of members and their beneficiaries. During my tenure as a board member, I have always focused on assuring a financially stable system, one that remains among the best funded in the Commonwealth. While doing so, I have also been able to support and vote each year for a 3% cost-of-living allowance (COLA) for retirees. I supported and voted to increase the COLA base from $12,000 to $14,000 (increasing the base on which the annual COLA is applied). This year I supported and voted to increase the COLA from 3% to 5% for fiscal year 2023. This one-time increase is the result of a law enacted in November 2022 by the State Legislature. Approval by the Retirement Board is the first step in getting this additional COLA granted.

 I thank you for the opportunity to represent the members and beneficiaries of our system and I respectfully ask for your continued support.