2023 CMLP Electric Rates Narrative

Most of Concord Municipal Light’s electric rates are changing effective with the January 2023 utility bills.

Why are rates changing?

CMLP charges electric customers what it costs to buy electricity and operate the distribution grid in Concord. Market prices for electricity fluctuate, and so CMLP periodically changes rates to reflect the most recent market costs. The rates charged to residential and small commercial customers will be 12-14% higher than they were in January 1, 2022; but 9-13% lower than what customers have been paying since the dramatic increase in the Power Cost Adjustment applied to bills in July 2022.

The volumetric rate charged to medium and large commercial customers will be 15-20% higher than they were in January 1, 2022; but 10-15% lower than what they have been paying since the higher PCA was applied in July 2022. Additionally, medium and large commercial customers will see a 24% decrease in their demand charges. 

What changes will customers see?

Customers will see a 6 to 10% increase in their meter charge. Volumetric distribution and capacity costs are expected to increase 17% and 25-35% respectively. The charge for energy including the Power Cost Adjustment Clause will decrease by 34%.

Residential Rate Comparison 2022 vs. 2023


Meter Charge $/mo
Energy $/kWh
Distribution $/kWh
Capacity Charges1st 657$0.03308$0.04107$0.00799

Next 178$0.04302$0.05340$0.01038

Power Cost Adjustment
Total volumetric $/kWh1st 657$0.22031$0.19120($0.02911)

Next 178$0.23025$0.20353($0.02672)


In July 2022 the Municipal Light Board voted to increase all rates $0.05000 using the Power Cost Adjustment to match sharply higher commodity prices. The monthly cost for a residential customer using 1,170 kWh per month rose from $207.83 to $256.58. Because of the aggressive and timely rate increase and subsequently lower commodity prices, the residential rates effective January 2023 will be about 9% lower than they were in July 2022, but 13% higher than they were in January 2022.

Sample Residential Bill

Sample Electric Bill 2023