250th Committee

The year 2025 will mark the 250th anniversary of the historic battles of Concord and Lexington and 2026 will mark the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.   The 200th celebration in 1975 was a grand enterprise attended by  President Gerald Ford along with  local, national  and   international dignitaries.  To mark these significant anniversaries in 2025  and  2026,   the Select Board has established    the Concord 2025 Executive Committee.   The Committee will: 

  1. evaluate and make recommendations on how the Town should manage the commemoration of these historic events:    
  2. oversee subcommittees created for their various purposes, and to  supervise and assist them in their functions;  
  3. sponsor activities which  commemorate and  celebrate the place  of Concord in the  history   of our  nation; 
  4. recognize the influence  that  the Town and   its  residents  have had   on  the ideals  of   liberty,  the  unity   of  mankind  and   our  co-existence  with the   natural  and social  environment   which we inhabit.    As  the custodians  of this   place  and  heritage,   it  is our  responsibility  to   host  a celebration worthy  of   the  events  which   took place in our Town 250 years ago. 

The Executive Committee will coordinate the Town’s events with our sister communities of Lincoln, Bedford, Lexington, and Arlington (Battle Road 2025); Minuteman National Historical Park; Hanscom Air Force Base,  the  Massachusetts National  Guard,  local, state, regional and federal agencies,  musical,  performing    and  historical   re-enactment groups . 

PLEASE  JOIN US:   If you would like  to   join in the  work of the  Committee   by  signing  up for   one  of our  Sub-committees  such as   Arts, Literature & Music; Communications & Publicity, Event Planning; Finance,  History & Education , Hospitality & Invitations, Outreach & Coordination, Permanent  Memorial  and Public Safety.  To take advantage of the opportunities available,  please  send us an email at 250celebration@concordma.gov


The CONCORD250 Committee held a Forum on Thursday, November 3 at 7 p.m. in the Goodwin Forum at the Concord Public Library giving members of the public the opportunity to share their ideas, and expectations; and to ask questions about the plans for this once-in-a-lifetime event celebrating the 250th Anniversary of the fight at the Old North Bridge which led to our independence and beginning the journey to become the greatest democracy in the world.   The meeting was attended by 70 in person and 25 via Zoom.

If you missed this event, it is available in its entirety on the Minuteman Media Network at; https://archive.org/details/mmnma-REV250_-_Public_Forum_-_Nov_3_2022

Whether or not you were able to attend, your comments and questions are welcome at 250celebration@concordma.gov

Henry Dane Select Board
John J. Arena III Event Planning
Gary Clayton  Permanent Memorial
Diana Clymer Arts, Literature & Music
Holly Cratsley  Community Coordination
Patricia Hopkins Hospitality & Invitations
Richard Loughlin Finance
Geoffrey Love At-Large
Simone Monteleone At-Large
Robert Munro DEI
Diane Proctor Communications & Publicity
Pauline C. Reeve Private & Institutional Financial Support
Frederick Ryan Public Safety
David Wood History & Education

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