Firearms License & Renewals


As of 3/17/20, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Concord Police are initiating the following protocols relating to LTC/FID applications and renewals:

- All applicants are directed to mail in their new or renewal application to:
         Det. Keith Harrington
         Concord Police Department
         219 Walden Street
         Concord, MA 01742

-Applicants shall include a check for the application fee along with the application, as no processing will be initiated without the appropriate fee enclosed.   Checks shall be made out to the Town of Concord, MA. Please see the fee schedule below.

-For new applicants, all in-person portions of the application process shall be delayed in order to comply with the Governor's social distancing guidelines. This includes the interviews, fingerprinting and photographs.

-For licensees who apply for a renewal prior to the expiration of the their license (and who received a receipt acknowledging same), their license shall remain valid until the agency approves or denies it. As a result, delaying the in-person processes of the application will not prejudice these licensees.

-For licensees who apply for renewal after the expiration of their LTC, c.140 sec.131(i) states that for the purposes of c.269 sec.10, an LTC shall be deemed valid for a period not to exceed 90 days beyond the expiration dates unless the LTC is revoked. This provision only applies to LTC's, and not FID cards.

Firearms license applications for Concord residents are taken by scheduled appointments only.


  • The licensing fee for applicants under the age of seventy is $100.
  • There is no licensing fee for individuals who are seventy years of age and over.


  Please contact Detective Keith Harrington by email to schedule a renewal or a new application.